Flex coil IV lines



To be used in patients where a regular IV line has been unsuccessful and the patient has repeatedly needed to be disconnected from IV line to maintain integrity and patency of the line.

Shoe mounting kit

Directions for use

  • Flex coil lines are for use in cages only. The lines cannot be used in patients housed in runs.
  • Flex coil lines should only be used when a regular line has been tried and determined to be unsuccessful.
  • Whenever possible a technician supervisor AND doctor must approve of the use of a flex coil line for all inpatients. If a tech supervisor is not available, then a senior technician AND doctor must be consulted.
    • The reason for this extra step is that the Flex Coil IC Line is almost 10 times the cost of regular fluid lines! The client will incur a charge for use of the Flex Coil Line.
  • For these lines to be used, you must already have “shoe mounting kits” installed into cages designated to be used with the flex coil lines. Any hospitals who want to use the lines will need to purchase and install these kits. The mounting kits are product number SH9100 with IWIN-The IV Expert.

Setup and use of the Flex Coil IV lines

  1. A primary IV is attached to the IV bag
  2. The line from the IV set is set through the tubing tabs affixed to the ceiling of the cage leading up to the white mount.
  3. The swivel device on the coiled line snaps into the white mount on the ceiling of the cage. The primary IV line connects to the female Leuer adapter on the swivel device.
  4. The core set with coil drops down from the top of the cage and the male connector attaches to the patient’s T-piece or an additional extension if more line is required for the patient.
  5. The entire setup MUST be primed with fluids before connecting to a patient.
  6. Once attached appropriately the line will now swivel/spin as the patient spins/turns in the cage.
  7. Please take extreme care in the setup of these lines so that sterility is maintained. Disruption of sterility of the line makes the set-up unusable. Please ask a supervisor to assist in using the line for the first time to prevent any mistakes.


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Last updated: 2017-03-09