MILA Esophagostomy Tube


We are very excited to announce that we now stock the MILA polyurethane esophageal feeding tubes. The tubes will replace the feline silicone esophageal feeding tubes previously stocked. The MILA tubes are made of polyurethane, which is sturdier than silicone and less likely to be vomited out after placement.

Placement of these feeding tubes is exactly the same as placement of the feline esophageal feeding tubes or red rubber tubes used currently in dogs and cats.

Some of the benefits of MILA tubes include

  1. The tube is adjustable in length. After you the tube is placed, the extra length of tubing can be cut off to make it less awkward for patients. The MILA tubes are longer than red rubber catheters, making them easier to place correctly in larger dog patients.
  2. The tube comes with a secure Y adapter that can either fit a catheter-tipped syringe or a regular syringe for feedings and medications. This means that we no longer need to continually replace the blue Christmas tree adapters after they crack!
  3. The MILA tubes are radio-opaque, so they are easy to see on an x-ray to confirm correct placement.
  4. The tip of the tube is open (compared to the closed end of a red rubber feeding tube), so these tubes are less likely to get clogged, even with thicker food and medications.
  5. The MILA tubes can be secured with a finger trap (similar to the other tubes and red rubber tubes), but they also come with a suture wing for secure attachment after placement. This is similar to the way that we currently suture central line catheters.



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Last updated: 2017-03-09