Vented vial access adapter


A Vented Vial Access Adapter is a needle-less port that can be attached to bottles of injectable medication. By using a needleless vial adapter, sterility of the product is maintained better than with repeated needle sticks. Use of this product also eliminates the extra step of changing the needle after withdrawing medication from a vial.

To attach a vented vial adapter, simply remove the protective foil/plastic covering on a new bottle and firmly press the adapter over the top. The adapter is permanently attached when the little green clips pass over the rim of the bottle top.



To withdraw contents of a vial with a vented adapter, swipe the port with an alcohol swab and attach a luer lock syringe or taper tip syringe. Turn the bottle upside down and withdraw the desired volume. Turn the bottle upright and detach the syringe.

There are 2 sizes – 20mm and 28mm. See the table at right for a list of medications that should be used with each adapter.

Use with other injectable medication vials may also be appropriate. The most economical use of these adapters are large vials from which we commonly draw relatively small volumes at a time.

If using a needleless adapter on a heparin bottle to make heparinized flush syringes or NOVA syringes, or for any medication that is going to be administered via direct injection (IV, IM, or SQ), it is no longer necessary to change the needle before injection.

When the vial is empty or expired, the adapter is discarded with the vial.

Do NOT reuse the adapter on a new vial, even of the same medication.


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Last updated: 2017-03-09