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Case Presentations in Small Animal Neurology – Part 1
Alexander de Lahunta, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Neurology), DACVP (Hon.)
RACE Approved for 1 CE / Mobile-Ready / On-Demand

This 50-minute lecture focuses on disorders of the prosencephalon and spinal cord in small animal patients. The lecture is designed with a case-based approach. Each case begins with the signalment of the patient, followed by a short video of the clinical signs. Anatomic localization is discussed, along with a differential diagnosis list. In cases where applicable, diagnostic imaging and pathologic specimens are highlighted and explained. After completing this lecture, viewers will be better able to recognize specific disease patterns and use those patterns to direct diagnostics and treatment. Special attention is paid to neurolocalization of spinal cord disorders.

Introduction to Alfaxan: A new choice in anesthesia

Alfaxalone, marketed under the name Alfaxan® by a company called Jurox, is a neuroactive steroid with anesthetic properties. It recently became approved for induction of anesthesia in dogs and cats in the United States.

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