RapidBacTM Vet

RapidBac TM Vet is a rapid immunoassay for the detection of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria in urine. It uses monoclonal antibodies to detect a bacterial cell surface antigen. In a clinical trial of 200 urine specimens, the test performed with 97.4% sensitivity and 98.8% specificity. This test is not intended to be a replacement for bacterial culture and sensitivity. Rather it is a rapid and affordable way to determine if a bacterial culture should be submitted.

How to determine if the RapidBacTM Vet is appropriate for your patient:

Good candidates:

  • First time suspected UTI
  • Screening test for DKA patients
  • Screening test for infection in urethral obstruction patients (during or after hospitalization)
  • Screening test for renal disease patients presenting with clinical decompensation
  • Testing response to antimicrobial treatment in simple UTIs (for example, to see if a UTI has cleared after treatment with antibiotics)

***Any positive RapidBac test should be following by bacterial culture and sensitivity and initiation of empiric antibiotic therapy***

NOT good candidates:

  • Patient with a history of complicated or resistant UTIs – this client is better-served by submitted urine culture and sensitivity
  • Non-sterilely collected urine samples – the RapidBac cannot determine the difference between true infection and contamination
  • Patients with uroliths or suspected pyelonephritis. Bacteria may not be shed in the urine in these cases and both the RapidBac and urine culture could be negative in the face of infection. Empiric antibiotic therapy may be appropriate, based on clinical judgement.

Test procedure:

  1. Collect urine cleanly via cystocentesis, catheter, or clean catch
  2. Using provided pipettes, add pipette-full of Assay Buffer to vial. Swirl gently and allow to sit for 2 minutes.
  3. Using a new pipette, add pipette-full of urine sample to vial. Swirl gently and allow to sit for 5 minutes.
  4. Place test strip in vial and allow to sit for 10 minutes before reading results.

Reading results:


  1. Jacob ME, Crowell MD, Fauls MB, et al. Diagnostic accuracy of a rapid immunoassay for point-ofcare detection of urinary tract infection in dogs. Am J Vet Res. 2016;77(2):162-166. Download article
  2. RapidBac Instruction Sheet. From Silver Lake Research. Download

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Last updated: 2018-02-08