Challenges in diagnosing lymphoid neoplasia

Distinguishing polyclonality from monoclonality is key when determining whether a lymphoid population is reactive or neoplastic.

Cytology vs. biopsy: Comparisons of accuracy [Part 2]

In this week's post, Dr. Loar discusses cytology of bony lesions and GI tumors.

Cytology vs. biopsy: Comparisons of accuracy

This article reviews research performed by clinical and anatomic pathologists to assist clinicians who must determine the accuracy of results derived from cytologic specimens.

Conjunctival cytology: A great diagnostic tool you’re probably not using!

Conjunctivitis means inflammation of the conjunctiva; a diagnosis of conjunctivitis does not help with a treatment plan. But if we can diagnose the cause of conjunctival inflammation, we are well on the way to a potential treatment.