When cytology seals the deal

With appropriate case selection, good sample acquisition, and correct sample preparation cytology often provides a definitive diagnosis or can narrow down the differential diagnoses.

Erythrocyte morphology: Getting the most from your blood smear

Microscopic examination of a blood smear is an essential part of the hemogram as it can provide vital diagnostic information that is not provided by automated hematology analyzers.

Challenges in diagnosing lymphoid neoplasia

Distinguishing polyclonality from monoclonality is key when determining whether a lymphoid population is reactive or neoplastic.

Cytology vs. biopsy: Comparisons of accuracy [Part 2]

In this week's post, Dr. Loar discusses cytology of bony lesions and GI tumors.

Cytology vs. biopsy: Comparisons of accuracy

This article reviews research performed by clinical and anatomic pathologists to assist clinicians who must determine the accuracy of results derived from cytologic specimens.

Conjunctival cytology: A great diagnostic tool you’re probably not using!

Conjunctivitis means inflammation of the conjunctiva; a diagnosis of conjunctivitis does not help with a treatment plan. But if we can diagnose the cause of conjunctival inflammation, we are well on the way to a potential treatment.