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Toxicology review & update

Rachel Morgan, DVM and Sarah Allen, DVM, DACVECC Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital, Woburn, MA   Fielding phone calls regarding potential household toxicants and caring for animals experiencing related symptoms is a common part of both emergency and general practice. During any potential case of toxin ingestion or exposure, the first step is to obtain as much information as possible about the patient’s […]

Lids, the Prequel

Eyelid diseases are very common in dogs, affect the function and health of the eye, and are the first line of defense! Eyelid disease are less common in cats, but are more serious.

Canine albumin (lyophilized)

Hypoalbuminemia can be the result of numerous conditions including protein losing nephropathy, protein losing enteropathy, intra-thoracic or intra-abdominal effusions, liver failure, or severe hemorrhage.  Prior to the availability of canine serum albumin